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Ircon Infrastructure & Services Limited is developing Multi Functional complexes (MFCs) as per the budget speech (2009-10) of Honorable Minister of Railways for providing rail users facilities like shopping, food stalls and restaurants, book stalls,
PCO/STD/ISD/Fax booths, medicine & variety stores, budget hotels, underground parking etc.

Out of the 50 identified stations for the development of MFCs, Railway Board proposed to take up work at 24 railway station premises serving places of pilgrimage, industry and tourist interest in this year through Ircon Infrastructure and Services Limited (IrconISL) and Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA).

Land on long lease term basis is arranged by RLDA. Complete Designing, Financing, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the MFCs is the responsibility of IrconISL

Stations identified for Phase-1 work are as follows:

S.N. Station Railway
1 Alleppey SR
2 Barddhaman ER
3 Digha SER
4 Haridwar NR
5 Indore WR
6 Jammu Tawi NR
7 Madurai SR
8 Mysore SWR
9 Raipur SECR
10 Rampurhat ER
11 Siliguri NFR
12 Udaipur NWR


Stations identified for Phase-2 work are as follows:

S.N. Station Railway
1 Allahabad NCR
2 Bilaspur SECR
3 Gwalior NCR
4 Hubli SWR
5 Hyderabad SCR
6 Jabalpur WCR
7 Jodhpur NWR
8 Khajuraho NCR
9 Kannur SR
10 Rajgir ECR
11 Tiruvalla SR
12 Tarapith ER